The littlest pet shop turtle is for anyone who loves turtles or just plain old cute toys! Littlest Pet Shop has created a line of toy turtles adorable enough for young children and adults alike. These toy turtles are great for gifts or as collectibles. They are fun to play with, plus they are extremely affordable. Let’s take a look at what’s special about the littlest pet shop turtle.

The littlest pet shop turtle is a small green turtle with big bubbly eyes, a cute rounded beak and realistic shell. Its head “bobbles”, moving from one side to another when the turtle is in motion. This little turtle will often come with its very own delightful aquarium, a small sized see-through tank made of plastic material.

The aquarium, or “terrarium”, is an additional cute factor to the littlest pet shop turtle set. It provides a scenic background for your tiny new pet with a sweet palm tree, fake sand and a lily pad seemingly floating on a blue lake.

The littlest pet shop turtle set comes with more surprises. It is highly interactive and just plain fun to play with! The littlest pet shop turtle has a small magnet discreetly attached to the bottom of its foot. When you move your pet around the aquarium, a tiny frog may pop up!

Aside from its charming appearance, the littlest petshop turtle is quite sturdy. It was made tough enough for constant use and can last a very long time. The turtle itself is made of rubber and so will not crack or break easily. The bobbling head should not concern you, since it is surprisingly tough and does not easily fall off. The age recommendation for this toy is children ages 4 and up.

You can find quite a variety of littlest petshop turtles. You may buy a single littlest petshop turtle for around $4 online, depending if it is new or used. The turtles don’t just come in green colored shells. A turtle’s shell can come in another color, such as purple! The purple turtle may be more difficult to find, so if you happen to see one, be the first to grab it!

If you want friends for your turtle, you may get Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pairs. There are bunny and turtle pairs, and there are turtle and hermit crab pairs! Buying pairs is a great way to expand your kids’ very own littlest pet shop as well as save on your purchase.

And there’s more to the littlest petshop turtle. You can choose homes or accessories for your new pet. You may buy a turtle along with a pet sized surf shop or one with a food dish. Kids absolutely love those littlest pet shop portable turtles. With these you can carry along your pet turtle wherever you go with a charming and handy pet carrier.

The littlest petshop turtle is available in several outlets. These outlets include Toys R Us, Target and Kbee Toys. But you may also log on to the net to find more sources such as eBay and Amazon. You’re bound to find a turtle everywhere, especially those with the terrariums!

Turtle Tanks Tip #1

Remember that turtles are not all alike. Each different species and sub species require different housing, feeding and water needs. Only after you have properly identified your turtle can you create the perfect environment for raising it. Therefore, your first concern should be to clearly identify what species your pet turtle is.

Turtle Tanks Tip #2

Aquatic turtles should be kept in aquariums that have fairly deep water, a basking area, and heat and light sources. Turtles that are mostly terrestrial still need to have some water but should not be kept in aquariums. They will be happier in wide wooden or plastic enclosures that contain the right substrate and a wading dish.

Turtle Tanks Tip #3

Be sure to wash and sterilize anything you pick up from the yard before placing it in the turtle tank. Don’t add any decorations in the tank that are sharp, pointed, or small enough that your turtle could potentially swallow them.