A turtle sandbox is a wonderful addition to your home, and a great way to spend bonding time with children. You can place them anywhere on your lawn where your children can play on or around it.

The sandbox is a large green plastic turtle that is 47 inches long, 43 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. The turtle’s shell or dome serves as a removable cover that is very useful whenever the sandbox is not in use. The cover has two pegs to secure itself on the box and so that the lid doesn’t blow off. The sandbox has a border around it, which also serves as a sitting area where children can sit if they do not want to play on the sand or water.

Normally, two bags or 150 pounds of sand will suffice for the turtle sandbox, but you can add more if you want. You will also have to refill it every now and then, especially if your children can’t help spilling the sand all over the place.

Besides sand, you can fill the turtle sandbox with water. This is ideal during the summer, when the weather is hot and the urge to play with sand is less than the desire to frolic in water. The depth of the sandbox is safe for small children under 6 years old.

The turtle sandbox is safe for small children, since it has no sharp edges, is easy to clean, and has no small parts that will come off. However, always be careful to never close the lid over the sandbox while a child is playing inside or it could lead to suffocation. Close the lid only if your child is done playing in it. This is also to keep cats and other creatures from settling on the sand.

It is advisable to keep moving the turtle sandbox around the lawn, not letting it stay on one spot for too long. If you don’t move it, the grass underneath the sandbox will die, and will be unsightly when you do decide to move the box.

When you move the turtle sandbox, empty it of water or sand, since it already weighs almost 27 pounds when empty. Have someone else help you if it is too heavy to carry by yourself.

The turtle sandbox can also double as a chest or a storage area for other things or toys. You can put all your children’s playthings inside the dome so that they won’t have to lug around their toys whenever they feel like playing in the sandbox. If ever the kids grow out of playing in the box, you can then use it as a place to store garden equipment, hoses, tools, etc.

Turtle sandboxes are sold in toy stores for $40, more or less, but you can find them on sale online for as low as $10.

The versatility of a turtle sandbox makes it a toy worth the money. The sandbox can last for ages since it is made of strong material that can withstand heat, rain, snow, and the roughhousing of children.

Turtle Tanks Tip #1

Remember that turtles are not all alike. Each different species and sub species require different housing, feeding and water needs. Only after you have properly identified your turtle can you create the perfect environment for raising it. Therefore, your first concern should be to clearly identify what species your pet turtle is.

Turtle Tanks Tip #2

Aquatic turtles should be kept in aquariums that have fairly deep water, a basking area, and heat and light sources. Turtles that are mostly terrestrial still need to have some water but should not be kept in aquariums. They will be happier in wide wooden or plastic enclosures that contain the right substrate and a wading dish.

Turtle Tanks Tip #3

Be sure to wash and sterilize anything you pick up from the yard before placing it in the turtle tank. Don’t add any decorations in the tank that are sharp, pointed, or small enough that your turtle could potentially swallow them.